Vena's PowerPoint Reporting Capabilities

Vena is bringing an exciting new update to their PowerPoint interface with their spring update of 2024. In this blog we will take a closer look at the specifics behind the new PowerPoint capabilities in Vena and how they can benefit your business.

Vena’s new PowerPoint interface establishes a direct connection to the Vena database. This means that your live data can connect directly to your PowerPoints, allowing for real-time updates. This brings the possibility for companies large and small to greatly streamline their reporting capabilities and to keep their branding aligned across reports, allowing for a more efficient and effortless experience. For companies who don’t have Vena yet, this could be a great reason to start using it as a rounded and versatile EPM solution.

Current Functionality

In this update, Vena completely overhauls their current ability to connect with Microsoft PowerPoint. Previously, the Vena PowerPoint capabilities can be time-consuming and frustrating to use. You need to download a read-only version of your report, which requires a new download for every report where you would like updated data. It is also inconsistent with formatting and layout whenever new data is added. This is inefficient for many companies, so they decide to look elsewhere for their PPT reporting needs.

What’s Changing?

The new PowerPoint functionality will allow businesses of all sizes to streamline their reporting capabilities and easily keep their branding and formatting consistent. There will be a refresh button directly embedded into the PowerPoint alongside the graph/table that will allow you to get current data and automatically update the format changes that were made. All you need to do is format the required data in a Vena template as a table or graph, which will allow you to copy and paste it directly into your PowerPoint. It will also be possible to use the Vena database to store comments which can be shown in PowerPoint, as well as the possibility to save historical comments.

Why it Matters

One of the largest benefits of this addition will be for companies with Vena who currently use Excel for their reporting books. As it currently stands, you may need to send out a quarterly or monthly report as a PowerPoint or PDF, which requires you to copy and paste the current data from Excel into PowerPoint. This can be a time-consuming process that allows for the possibility of human error, whether it is on the data side or the formatting side.

Vena’s new PowerPoint capabilities allow you to create one template document that can have updated data at the click of a button. This guarantees that the formatting will always stay the same and that the data is current, without requiring you to create any additional tables or graphs.

Relevance for Companies without Vena

For companies who do not have Vena yet, Vena allows you to store all of your data, as well as allowing you to create reports built into Excel to edit and showcase your data. The new PowerPoint functionality will allow businesses of all sizes to enjoy seamless reporting capabilities and maintain consistent branding across presentations.

This update might also allow you to cut costs by adopting Vena as your main reporting tool which could eliminate your need for a disclosure management solution, and streamline the number of solutions you use.

In summary,

Vena's 2024 Spring update introduces a revamped Microsoft PowerPoint interface that directly integrates with the Vena database, promising streamlined reporting and consistent branding across presentations. With real-time updates to data, Vena's enhanced PowerPoint capabilities offer efficiency gains for businesses, especially those relying on Excel for reporting, and may present cost-saving opportunities for those considering a change in their disclosure management solutions. This functionality is now fully available for all Vena users.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out for more information.

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