New Features of OneStream Version 8

OneStream’s Version 8 is a major release bringing a lot of new features and enhancements. This blog highlights the most interesting features aimed at improving user experience. Let’s explore some of the key updates.


Users can now easily copy, filter, delete and export journals.

Select the ‘copy’ button and Target Time Periods to copy journals across time periods

Select(all) journals, or use the filter button, and press the ‘delete’  button to delete bulks of journals at once.

Easily export journals to a journal template (.xlsx)

Quick Views using POV

A new right-click feature is available in the Cube view Data Explorer. Users can create a Quick View using the POV of the cell selected.

The Quick View will be opened in a Spreadsheet or Excel sheet and can be used for further analysis.

XFGetCellDrill Down

Drilldown functionality is now added to XFGetCells in the Excel Add-in and Spreadsheet. Right-click in the cell and select ‘Drill Down’


Dashboards have been renamed to Workspaces; the term “dashboard” is no longer used. Cubeview groups and Data Management groups become part of the workspace and can directly be created via the Workspace now. Assemblies are integrated into Workspaces. Within assemblies, users can create business rules (files) using C# or Visual Basic. Assemblies allow the user to write logic exactly where you need it.


  • MarketPlace solutions must be upgraded
  • Laptops must have their .NET version updated to .NET 8.0 (codes will generally run faster, but old codes possibly will fail to compile)

With these enhancements users unlock a more intuitive user experience, and greater efficiencies and capabilities. If you have any questions about OneStream Version 8, do not hesitate to reach out.

Happy upgrading!
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