Support SAP BPC Microsoft extended

We would like to inform you that SAP has extended the support on SAP BPC Microsoft (MS) again. Mainstream maintenance is now scheduled until the end of June 2026. This is confirmed in the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) as published by SAP. That gives current users of SAP BPC MS an additional three and a half years to replace their environment.


Since SAP acquired OutlookSoft, we've always wondered when the application would be replaced by a version based on native SAP technology. That version was introduced rather quickly and fully matured with the introduction of SAP BPC 10 running on Netweaver. However, the original version, based on Microsoft technology, was maintained as well, serving many happy customers.

With the years passing by, the final farewell came closer and closer. The end of maintenance has been set (and postponed) to 2020, 2022 and 2024. As a result, numerous customers have already started investigations on replacements.

What to do

That is strongly depending on how BPC MS is currently used within your organization and how the rest of the landscape looks like. If your organization is using, or is planning to use S/4HANA, it might be wise to investigate the possibilities of Public Cloud (S/4HANA Cloud combined with Group Reporting Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for Planning). If your organization has a more scattered landscape and SAP BPC was used for a wide range of solutions, the advice will be less straightforward. We are more than happy to advise you what is best in your specific situation.

SAP Newsflash

Would you like some more insight on our SAP vision? Or get an overview on the latest and coming developments on Group Reporting and SAP Analytics Cloud? Then the SAP Newsflash on the 9th of March 2023 at 11:30 CET is worth watching.

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