How do you transfer information from CCH Tagetik to PowerBI?

For years, people have been saying that the worlds of Finance and IT are moving closer together. What does this mean concretely for your company? What opportunities are there in terms of integration and visualization? In this video, we look at how you can maintain data generation in CCH Tagetik while moving the consumption of your reports to PowerBI. With automatic data feeds, data is transferred near-real-time and you can transfer your wealth of information from CCH Tagetik to the larger PowerBI audience within your organization.

Transferring information from CCH Tagetik to PowerBI

How do you transfer information from CCH Tagetik to PowerBI? If your organization chooses this powerful combination, you get the following three benefits:

  1. You center your userbase in PowerBI, which is easier to license into your organization and provides further underpinning to the one-version-of-the-truth principle.
  2. Broaden the impact you have as a finance department in your organization by getting more people to use the riches your data holds.
  3. You reduce dependence on spreadsheets even further. By displaying the data in an intuitive and easy-to-use solution like PowerBI, every employee can visualize their own insights.

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