2 years of NUX in Anaplan

It has been 2 years since we presented the NUX (new user experience) in Anaplan. Since then, many new features have been added, constantly evolving/improving the user experience, and even the NMX (new model builder experience) has arrived. But where are we now? Time to evaluate.

Some transition facts

90% of our customers have switched to the Anaplan NUX with our help and 100% of our new customers have started in NUX. This month (Nov. 22), Anaplan set the NMX (model back-end) as the default modeling experience for all their customers. Over the past 2 years, we have helped many of our customers transition to NUX. Only a handful of customer models have not yet migrated, but if it is up to us, that is about to change.


  • Intuitive and clearer dashboards
  • Improved pivot, filter and export options
  • Greater independence of teams through personal pages
  • Page selectors centralized at the top of the page for all grids
  • Refreshment no longer necessary

The perfect change?

Of course, as with all new things, there are things we have to get used to and that can just be improved. The biggest point of improvement we get back from our customers is that the space on a page is not used efficiently. The dashboards are easier on the eyes, but the downside is that less information can be displayed. This could be improved by giving page builders more flexibility in adjusting the width and height of columns.

Also, not all functionality from the old UX is already reflected in the NUX. For example, lists cannot be published and the branch copy function does not yet work. Fortunately, Anaplan is rapidly improving the NUX functionality. What has been improved over the past year and what improvements are coming?

Recent improvements Anaplan NUX

  • Synchronized scrolling for different elements within the dashboard
  • Text in cards can be changed within the card itself and can also be formatted. In addition, text can also be made dynamic
  • Markers in graphs can be removed
  • Collaboration functionality in the management reporting module

Upcoming improvements

Trigger the "clickability" of action buttons with (formula-driven) booleans (huge improvement in workflow functionality).

And much more. Want to stay up to date? Join the Anaplan Community for the latest releases.

In conclusion, we can say that the basis is very solid and the way of working is much more pleasant, clean and user-friendly than in the old UX. Together with our customers, we continue to strive for improvements, but knowing that Anaplan continues to evolve rapidly, we think the move to the NUX will be of great value!

Also switching to the NUX (or even Anaplan)?

If so, please contact us.

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