Delta Fiber

Delta Fiber & Finext: A success story in digital Finance

with Vena Solutions, CCH Tagetik and Microsoft

Telecom company Delta Fiber Netherlands, a fast-growing player in the telecom sector, emerged from a merger of Delta, Caiway and CIF. Thanks to the development of a new digital landscape with leading financial applications such as CCH Tagetik, Vena and Microsoft Business Central, the financial processes have been harmonized and integrated. This is due to the successful collaboration with Finext.

  • Delta Fiber Netherlands emerged from a merger and digitized finances with Finext. 
  • The new IT landscape includes best-of-breed applications such as CCH Tagetik and Microsoft Business Central. 
  • Finext supervised six post-merger integration subprojects. 
  • CFO Huib Costermans praises the cooperation and people-oriented approach. 

Uniformity after merger  

Before the merger, the companies each had their own financial systems. Huib Costermans, CFO of Delta Fiber Netherlands, emphasizes the need for uniformity: "We want all companies to work uniformly. By harmonizing financial administration, we achieve a more efficient organization." Thanks to the collaboration with Finext, this goal has been achieved. 

Choice of 'Best-of-Breed' IT solutions  

A best-of-breed approach was chosen for the new IT landscape: CCH Tagetik for consolidation, Vena Solutions for project administration and Navision as the ERP application. "We compared the IT landscapes of the three companies and chose the best options for the new organization," says Costermans. 

"We compared the IT landscapes of the three companies and chose the best options for the new organization."

Integration and subprojects  

The post-merger integration of financial processes involved six subprojects. Ton Janssen, Finext's program manager, played a crucial role in this: "We set it up as one program with different work streams and one steering committee for overview." 

The power of collaboration  

Costermans is positive about working with Finext, where all specialties are under one roof. "The collegiality at Finext has helped us," he says. About the results, he adds, "Change processes involve discussions. Finext helped with resistance to make the desired change."   

People-centered approach  

Ton stresses the importance of paying attention to people during a merger and integration: "You achieve your goal by listening and helping."   

Conclusion: partnership and flexibility  

The collaboration between Delta Fiber and Finext demonstrates the power of partnership in realizing business transformations and improvements. Huib is satisfied with the approach: "Acting quickly is essential for transformation. I believe in listening, deciding and acting. That's how you stay flexible." 

"Choosing timeliness also often keeps a budget close to its original premise."

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